Japanese Wappa Cedar Bent Wood Steamer

The round bent-wood wappa steamer racks are made from straight-grained 280-year-old Japanese cedars harvested locally in Niigata Prefecture. They are meticulously handmade by the tenth generation bentwood master craftsman of Teradomari-machi. The straight-grained wood used to form the frame is the key to the uniform curvature, which provides the characteristic sturdiness and beauty. The decorative wild cherry tree bark also serves to hold together the cedar, which tends to expand as it absorbs moisture. The surface has also been brushed to give a raised-grain finish.

The village of Yamada in Teradomari-machi, Niigata Prefecture has a long history in making sieves, strainers and steamers, tools heavily relied upon by Japanese sweets and cuisine chefs. The Yamada Sieve Industry Union was a name known throughout Japan at the end of the Edo Period. Ten generations later, Kazuhisa Adachi is the only remaining craftsman who inherited this skill. He painstakingly uses his unique skills to produce not only traditional containers, but also containers for daily uses that are both functional and exquisite.

Handmade by Kazuhisa Adachi Shigehisa Shoten.

This beautiful steamer set consists of the following components:

  • One Lid made of Fir wood
  • Two steamers made of cypress
  • Two removable steamer inner racks made from bamboo
  • A  square holder tray for the entire unit made from cherry wood.

Steamer Size:approx D 17.5 x H 6 cm

Weight:about 410 g per steamer

*Microwave safe. Avoid dishwasher.

Made in Japan