Ikebana Bowl by ovject


An enamel low bowl that brings the material's expressions and plants to life.

A enamel basin that has been shaped through the handiwork of craftsmen, from molding with a spinning frame to air-baking that creates an oxide film and expression on the steel sheet, and enamel treatment of the inner surface to prevent rust

A warm and simple form that is not over-designed and a tasteful uneven texture.

It is a vessel for plants and flower arrangement that fits into various spatial styles.

A simple form that makes the best use of plants and flowers and fits into various interior spaces. 


Size:  φ18 × H5 cm

Mass: 342g

Material: Steel plate for enamel (inner enamel coating)

Made in Japan

Not suitable for microwave ovens or dishwashers.

Avoid abrasive cleaners.