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  • HOSOO Silk Cushion Covers
  • HOSOO Silk Cushion Covers

HOSOO Silk Cushion Covers



HOSOO is a Japanese textile company in Kyoto that produces “Nishijin-ori” kimono and obi belt textiles since the 17th century.

Nishijin-ori is a style of textile weaving originated in Kyoto. Various patterns are woven with silk, gold & silver threads and leaf with multicoloured effects, yet still light and durable.

These cushion designs, inspired by the art of Noh theatre, are created through silk weaving and a unique method called the “Tebiki-Haku”. In “Tebiki-Haku”, sheets of gold leaf and silver leaf are pasted onto Japanese paper and heated. The sheets are cut into extremely thin strings of gold and silver. Outside of the cutting of the sheets, the whole process is done by hand. The strings are hand woven into beautifully elegant textile with exquisite designs.

This type of textile has water repellent quality. 


100% Silk fabric with gold and silver threads


45 cm x 45cm square

 *Covers only, no inserts.


KIRITSUKUSHI ( assortment of Noh motifs) - black