Hohin Premium Arita Porcelain Teapot

Designed by Shinichiro Ogata, this is a single brew teapot for premium loose leaf tea brewing with beautiful form and function.

In Japan, hohin or 'treasured bottle' refers to a teapot without a handle. To pour, tilt the lid just slightly so that the tea leaves get strained and prevented from spilling out.

This “hohin” handless teapot was hand-crafted on a potter’s wheel. The Arita style white porcelain and elegantly stenciled designs appear calm and soft when it fits comfortably in the hand. This masterpiece’s attention to detail reveals itself with every pour, helping you enjoy the tea until the very last drop.

The wide convex shape is intended to enhance the brewing of loose leaves by allowing them to spread out more evenly and slowly.

You may also use it as a dish or pouring vessel.

diameter 14 cm × height 6 cm

Porcelain made in Arita, Saga prefecture.

 This is a handcrafted item and there may be slight differences in glaze tones, patterns, shapes, sizes, etc.

Cannot be used in ovens, microwave ovens, IH cooking heaters.

After using, please wash care one by one carefully with a soft sponge without using a dishwasher.

Do not use abrasive sponge, cleanser, etc.