Hiiro Carafe Set

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The Hiiro range of pottery is inspired by red flame colour, evoking the horizon line at  morning dawn or evening dusk, separating the earth and sky.

The "flame colour" (hiiro) along the border between the glaze and the clay is a natural phenomenon created during the firing process: it results from the interaction between earth, air and fire.Typically, the glaze is applied over all visible surfaces of the pottery piece, hiding the flame color on the underside of the piece. By revealing and emphasizing the glaze line along the visible surface the pottery piece, we can use this beautiful color as a motif.Using white clay and white glaze enhances the vivid beauty of the red flame color, evoking the horizon line at dawn, separating the earth and sky.

The Hiiro Carafe set comprised of the carafe and a cup which functions as a lid.

Design options:

  1. Cloud White

 SIZE φ80×H200mm


Talk is a tableware brand born in Tajimi, Gifu, which has long been known as a production area for Mino ware, such as ceramics and tiles. Collaborating with local potters who make things with their own technology, centering on Mino ware made in the Higashi-Mino region, including Tajimi, 1300 years ago, one product with beauty and personality that can only be expressed at that pottery Made by one craftsman. LIVING TALK aims to create things that create a harmonious and narrative in the living space, based on the concept of “making Japanese things and talking between things”. Lines written in Japanese ink on Japanese paper, quiet texture that kills the light of lacquerware, soft light space through shoji, and the Japanese sensations and intervals that still breathe in Shape and play are expressed in all products.