• Heaven's Bell by Kyujo

Heaven's Bell by Kyujo


"Orin" is a traditional Buddhist instrument that is sounded when reading sutras, also referred to as "singing bowl". Commonly, it has been believed from ancient times in Japan that the gentle sound of "Orin" purify places by exorcising evil spirits and bad vibes. Therefore "Orin" became an essential household instrument.

Kyujo in Takaoka City, a long established manufacturer for religious objects has created a comtemporary range of orin bells to better complement today's lifestyle.

In their products have been combines both – Buddhist culture of Japan and tremendous efforts of generations of craftsman who developed the traditional techniques of metal works.

Heaven's Bell is a  mysterious bell that creates several sounds. When the side portion is hit, 2 kinds of sounds are created. If you hit the area around the shoulder a sound like a 'mokogyu' - a wooden percussion instrument iis emitted. 

Also, if you hold the top & bottom resin portions and shake the main body, a small ball inside create ringtones.

If you turn the body on its side while holding it and then strike with a stick, the small ball inside will jump and the bell sound will roll.

Different people use this item in a variety of ways. Make various discoveries with this!

Materials: Bell: copper alloy (glossy colour),

Braided Base: pure silk (silk 100%) 

Item Size (approx. mm): Diameter 75 x Height 85

Bell mallet: Diameter 13 x Length 135

Braided Base Size: Diameter 35

Total Weight (including packaging materials): approx. 500g

Made in Takaoka,​ Toyama Prefecture

・To produce a gentle sound,​ do not shake too strongly. 

・Do not disassemble or modify. 

・Do not apply excessive force in your swing 

・Wipe with a soft cloth that contains no abrasive agents. Do not use while dirty.