Glass Teapot by Simplicity

Heat resistant glass Kyusu style side hadle teapot (450ml)


Simpliicty in collaboration with Studio Prepa produce these elegant glass teapots. Teapot is crafted using flamework techniques that allow the handmade parts be crafted separately and then assembled together like candy work whilst melting the glass tube.

A wire strainer is included .

Dimensions: W 21cm x D 16.5cm x H 11cm;  Capacity 450ml

Weight: 210g

Material: Glass

Handling precautions for glass products

Because craftsmen manufacture it one by one by hand, the same product may cause differences in color, pattern, shape, size, etc.

Can not be used in ovens, microwave ovens, IH cooking heaters.

Please do not use with direct flame. It may cause damage or burn. 

Also, please avoid placing hot items, except for those with "heat resistant" notation.

Glass is a fragile material. After using, please wash care one by one carefully with a soft sponge without using a dishwasher / dryer. 

Also, as there is a risk of damaging the surface, please do not use gold squirrel, abrasive containing sponge, cleanser etc.

After washing, dry it thoroughly and when storing it, it will cause scratches and chipping due to differences in strength, so please do not touch other things.

Since it is not tempered glass, please do not hit or scrape with hard objects such as spoons.