Okubo Gardening Scissors by Banshu Hamano

Okubo Gardening Scissors are especially designed for trimming thin branches in tight spaces amongst shrubs. Compared to other scissors used for bonsai, Okubo scissors have small handle rings for ease of  inserting the blades' edges on to intricate branches or stems.

Each piece is hand forged and sharpened using traditional methods. As such, each tool has its own variations and irregularity.

Banshu is a region of Japan that produces various professional-grade and home-use blades. These blades include the classic utility knife; the traditional Japanese razor, used by barbers and geisha alike; the nigiri basami gripping shears, used in thread cutting and artisanal craft making; traditional pruning shears, used by gardeners for generations; beauticians’ shears; cutting shears; culinary shears; and floral shears. The Banshu Hamono brand is a collection of the very finest of these products.

Blade Length: 50mm
Total Length: 185mm
Steel Type: High Carbon Steel
Type: Okubo Style
Weight: 212g

Presented in Japanese paper package with Banshu textile.

Care Instructions:

These scissors are made with high carbon steel.  Like all carbon steel tools/knives, they can rust if not cared for properly.  Please make sure to wipe them clean and dry after use.  If you're planning on storing them for an extended period of time, we recommend oiling them with cammelia oil or vegetable oil.

Packaged in a paper box and wrapped in assorted Banshu fabric. Fabric is each unique and at random.

Please handle scissors with care.