Enamelled Cast Iron Pot by Hearth Designs

This enameled Cast Iron Pot is made with the best of cast iron craft "Nanbu Tekki" that has been around in Iwate Morioka since the 17th century combined with "Hanwa Enamel", a manufacturer specializing in enamel in Sennan, Osaka, with a history of more than 60 years.

Enamel processing on iron castings requires extremely advanced technology and this pot is a product  of collaboration between traditional nambu tekki ironcraft and contemporary enamel processing.

The pot with a 3.3 L volume facilitates a wide variety of cooking methods, starting with rice-cooking, as well as authentic Dutch oven dishes at home, and simmering, steaming and frying. Food is cooked to perfection with the excellent heat storage properties of cast iron, and the all-over enamel coating prevents rust, prolonging the life of the product while making it easy to clean.

 The distinctive shape of the handles is derived from their function of enabling easy opening and closing even when wearing heat-proof mitts. The excellent heat storage of cast iron, the superb easy-to-clean properties of enamel, and a pleasant-to-use functionality are brought together in the form of this two-handled pan.

Compatible with IH / Induction (compatible with all heat sources except microwave ovens)

The highly-sealable, optimally heavy lid helps to prevent moisture loss and circulate cooking steam back to the ingredients, preventing loss of flavour.

■ Size: D 28.5 cm x Height 13 cm

■ Capacity: 3.3L

■ Material: Nambu Tekki Iron and Enamel Glaze

■ Country of origin : Japan ■

Weight: 4.9kg (including body and lid)

■ IH cooker , Oven compatible

 Do not place in dishwasher.