Edo Komon Tenugui Imabari Gauze Towel


Top Factory Imabari is one of the many Imabari towel makers that specialises in gauze weaving. About half of the factory looms are for gauze-only production. The slow production looms have been remodelled to produce low stressed gauze fabric with particular attention to touch and finish.

This series of tenugui style  (Japanese hand  towels) is intended  as a plusher version with thick gauze on one side and pile on the other to enhance tactile feel and absorbency.

The subtle Edo-Komon inspired design is a contemporary version of vintage Japanese pattern making traditionally used on kimonos.  The beauty of Edo Komon is that, from afar, it looks like a plain pattern. A closer look will reveal  an intricate pattern that will captivate you. Edo Komon patterns are considered auspicious designs to bring forth good fortune, prosperity, good relationships, and for bringing good health and harmony.

The attached elastic Kimono Belt Band is suitable for tying up the tenugui, i.e. around neck or hair.

The unique size and absorbency quality makes it great for sue in health and wellness activity such  as gym workouts, yoga, dance, jogging or cycling activity.

Design options:

1. Green Band with Asanoha - Hemp Leaf Pattern.

2. Purple Band with Yagasuri - Feathers in Arrow Pattern.

3. Red Band with Shippo - Seven Treasures circles overlapping in quarters resemble petals and each center forms a shining star.

4. Silver Band with Bishamon Kikkō honeycomb pattern of three hexagons together.

Dimensions: Tenugui style of  W 25 x  L 100 cm

Manufactured in Imabari, Ehime, Japan.

Material: 100% COTTON

Package: Elastic Kimono Belt band suitable for tying up the tenugui, i.e. around neck or hair.