Cast Iron Kettle with Wood Handle by Hisanori Masuda

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This cast iron kettle is produced through the pursuit of convenience so that iron pots will be used in daily life. Plywood is used as the handle for convenience in handling and to soften the hard impression of iron casting. Wood Handle Kettle” comes with a handle made of molded walnut plywood. The materials of iron and wood suit each other very well.  The folded plywood handles are very strong, durable and functional. On the kettles lid, the wooden knob is designed for ease of use with walnut finish.

The kettle's interior has a burnt finish of lacquer; the iron kettle has a finishing of bisque. 

The bottom is flat to increase heat conductivity, and a suitable bottom area is provided for cooking on electromagnetic stoves.

The traditional skills in finishing the iron teapots are used for the finish, and the base iron is covered with oxide film to prevent rust, on which lacquer is applied with baking finish.

One advantage of drinking tea made using an iron teapot is that iron can be consumed, because iron is released into hot water made with a tea kettle made with this method. The wooden handle and the knob can be replaced so that the kettle can be used for a long time. This product won the Good Design Award in 2014.

Dimension & Capacity

D 18 x W 22 (including spout)  x H 18cm (including handle) ; 2 liters

Weight: 3 kg

Chushin Kobo is the iron casting workshop  establised designer Hisanori Masuda in the Yamagata Prefecture. Yamagata Prefecture is famous for Yamagata Casting.

Hisanori Masuda was born in 1949 in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. After graduating from Musashino University of Art (Fine Arts and Design) where he studied under Prof. Mosuke Yoshitake, Hisanori stayed on as a studio assistant to his professor for 5 years. During this time, Hisanori was successful in revitalizing local industries through product design. Later he moved to Yamagata City and established his own studio, "Chushin Kobo" in 1997. He seeks to recreate objects retaining the beauty of traditional Japanese cast iron but stylishly adapted to fit contemporary life-style. Using iron, aluminum and bronze, he designs, produces and sells all his own work. He is currently a member of Japan Craft Design Association. He teaches at Tohoku University of Art and Design and Yamagata University in the department of education.