Botanical Air Japan Essential Oils by @ aroma


The botanical air japan series is created from various unique Japanese plants, grown in their natural environment and particular habitat.

Each blend is completed with accompanying oils that further enhance the unique scent of each of these native Japanese oils.

This original series evokes suggestive and sensitive images from the beauty of Japanese nature.

Aomori Hiba

Yoshino Hinoki

Kyoto Kitayamasugi

Yuzu / Japanese Citrus

10ml bottle. 

Aomori Hiba  or Japanese arborvitae has a strong woody scent that relaxes with antibacterial quality. It exudes a powerful and honest scent that immediately reminds the fresh vitality of nature. Rich and nutritious as our Earth, it creates a warm and gentle embrace. 

Ingredients: Hiba wood, momi leaf, cedarwood, ecypress , niauli and rosemary. 

Hinoki is a traditional Japanese cypress that has been used as a building material for temples and shrines for centuries.  Its distinct forest scent is said to promote deep relaxation and relieve stress, and is the most known of the Japanese native oils. Hinoki trees are sourced from the Yoshino area, an official World Heritage site.

Ingredients: hinoki wood and leaf, white cypress, rosemary, cedarwood, eucalyptus globulus, pine


A gentle, friendly and refreshing scent made of the Kitayama cedar, which grows around the hills of Kyoto. The subtle and pure notes of this fragrance evoke the beauty of Kyoto's cultural heritage and the noble refinement of its monuments. 

Ingredients: sugi leaf, momi leaf, cedarwood, eucalyptus globulus, hinoki, rosemary


This native Japanese citrus has been used for centuries in the culinary tradition and bathing culture of Japan. With its gentle character and refreshing floral notes, its scent creates a bright and cheerful atmosphere.

Ingredients: yuzu, bergamot, grapefruit, orange, kabosu

 Made in Japan by Yoshino @aroma



Please keep out of reach of small children.

After use the essential oils, please keep in a cool place, away form heat. 

When the essential oil is spilled, that it may discolor the surface, such as plastic or wood, please wipe immediately with tissue paper or a cloth.

If it gets any chance eyes, rinse well with water or please consult a physician of irritation persists.

Please carefully read the package back of explanation before use.