Body Wash Gauze Towel for Delicate or Sensitive Skin

A fine, open weave washcloth with a soft but resilient fabrication which is designed to create an extra fine and voluminous soap lather. 

The red selvedge detail adds a simple decorative note which matches the other washcloths and towels in this collection. They are gentle enough to use on the most delicate skin and make a considered gift for new parents.

Colour: Navy or White with Red selvedge details.

Materials : 78% biodegradable corn-derived polylactic acid 22% cotton

Size: L 90cm x W 23cm

※ This product has a  bit of residual fibre shedding during the first couple of use.  However, through repeated use, the amount of residual shedding' will gradually settle down.

Made in Wakayama, Japan.

This piece of fabric is made with corn fibre derived from the corn plant. Using corn fibre and Japanese knitting technique, it removes only excess sebum stains and cleans the skin without losing moisture. The fibre character also enhances foaming.

Care Instructions:

Wash and rinse well after use, squeeze and hang to dry.  Machine washable with washing bag/net.

Do not bleach.

Towels last for 8-12 months with daily use. Replace when towel loses its integrity and begin to tighten up and feel 'lifeless'.