MINOTAKE Bamboo Utensils


MINOTAKE is the name given to a range of contemporary kitchen utensil and cutlery designed by Makoto Koizumi  for the distinguished bamboo design house Kohchosai Kosuga in Kyoto.

Makoto Koizumi took advantage of the natural form and strength of bamboo to create the distinct organic shapes which not only mesmerising to look at but also ergonomic and user friendly in many ways.

The natural warmth and beautiful tactile quality of MINOTAKE forms will enhance one's experience of both cooking and eating.

Care: Wash the item with mild dishwashing soap. DO NOT wash in the dishwasher. 


Types & Options:

Triangular spatula (great for jars)  : W3 × L17cm

Round spatula: W3 × L15.5cm


Designed By: Makoto Koizumi

Maker: Kohchosai Kosuga

Material: Bamboo

Finish: Food grade urethane coating