Babaghuri Yatara Weave Bamboo Basket

Babaghuri Bamboo Baskets are marvels of design and craftsmanship.

These large sturdy baskets are handcrafted in the Oita region's Yatara weave style of irregular plaiting techniques.

Each basket is meticulously woven by hand from thick strips of bamboo in a beautifully random pattern.

The basket’s tight sturdy weave and the thickness of the bamboo strips ensure that each basket is both an object of beauty and a durable, functional houseware.

Tall Basket: Dia 39cm x H 41cm; 1.1kg

Wide Basket: Dia 44cm x H 36.5cm; 1.1kg

Takeami or Japanese basket weaving art is a meticulous time-honored craftmanship that a gilded master develop and refine for over three decades to garner the recognition of his/her peers and the acute collectors. An aspiring bamboo weaver would spend three to five years observing his/her master at work before being allowed to even touch the bamboo. Only then does the disciple start a five to seven-year training focused on the meticulous bamboo cutting techniques, which she/he shall master before experimenting with the tedious techniques of Takeami bamboo weaving.

The woven pieces embody the Japanese culture of appreciation for the time, dedication, and detailed simplicity – the country’s worshipping of meticulous work and its craftsmanship heritage.

Strong, yet lightweight and flexible, bamboo is a challenging material to work with. Mastering the art involves not only weaving the bamboo but harvesting, processing, dyeing, and splicing it.