Asahineko Conifer 'Oval' Cutting Board

'Asahineko' means 'Asahi Cat'. 

Designer Makoto Koizumi came up with 'Asahineko' as a playful acronym made out the names of  five types of commonly used conifers in Japan - ‘A’ for Asunaro, SA for Sawara, HI for Hinoki, NE for Nezuko, and KO for Koyamaki.

Both of the cutting boards are beautiful expressions of simple aesthetics and advanced joinery of Japanese woodcraft.

There is lightness in feel, smooth joinery and wonderful expression of the wood grains. 


Oval shaped Board W41×D27×H20cm; 650g

Materials: 'Sawara''Japanese false cypress & 'Nezuko' Japanese Thuja

Unwaxed/Untreated - to enhance the scent of cypress especially when it dries off after a wash