Andon Triangle Portable Washi Paper Lantern

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Andon Triangle is a portable table/floor lamp that perfectly incorporates the triangle into a light fixture, which is the most attractive form for designer Daisaku Choh. It is a neat design reminiscent of modernist aesthetics while retaining Japanese design sensibilities.

Andon Triangle is made with Mino Japanese washi paper, which has excellent translucency. Its presence is gentle and soft, aided by its halcyon shape and warm light diffusion. The simplicity of the shade structure is characterised by a continuous spiral of bamboo filament and washi paper.

This lantern was created as part of Project LUX set up by Gifu's long-established lantern maker "Asano Shoten" intended as a traditional craft revitalisation project, pursuing the possibilities of Japanese traditional technology with the world's leading designers. Jasper Morrison, Yoko Dobashi and others designers are participants in the project.

Daisaku Cho (1921-2014) joined Junzo Sakakura Architectural Institute and worked on numerous architectural and furniture designs. In recent years, he has also focused on redesigning his own furniture range and is one of the leading figures in the Japanese design world.

Asano Shoten has been traditionally crafting Gifu lanterns for 100 years. While mainly focused on lanterns and traditional techniques, they also develop new lantern concepts to complement today’s modern lifestyles. Asano has also moved into new areas, such as interior lighting equipment and lantern hats.

Size and Dimensions

1. Andon Triangle W 20 x D 20 x H 30 cm; 180g

2. Andon Triangle WIDE: W 29 x D 29 H 30 cm; 230g



Light Source: LED Bulb battery light (LC413A), 2 alkaline AA batteries used

Continuous use time approx. 25 hours (when using 2x alkaline AA batteries- batteries not supplied)

Materials: Japanese Washi paper shade, wire armature.

Wooden frame: Sugi cypress wood

Plate: Steel Plate with veneer

For indoor use only. Outdoor use with great care and diligence, avoid water and sources of flame.

Care Instructions: Dust with a soft dry cloth; never use any liquid as the paper shade is at its weakest form when wet.