Yoshino Cedar Chopsticks- Set of 30


This Rikyu style chopstick is made using the “Yoshino cedar” sustainably grown in the Yoshino forest in Nara prefecture, said to be the highest grade of Japanese wood. Yoshino cedar has a beautiful wood grain, completely clear of knots with a subtle fragrance.

 These chopsticks, made with a top and bottom, are suitable for everyday use. They are a recreation of Rikyu chopsticks (chopsticks made of Japanese cedar that are tapered at both ends) that are said to have been designed by Sen no Rikyu, the founder of the tea ceremony. The simple form and beauty of the wood grain express the Japanese aesthetic sense. They are made from Yoshino cedar, a highend brand of cedar wood grown in a forest in the south-central part of Nara prefecture that has been deemed one of the three most beautiful forests in Japan.


Cedar is a Japanese wood used since ancient times to make items such as pails and buckets. The faint, sophisticated aroma of cedar is pleasant, and the wood is light and easy to carry, making it easy even for first-time users of chopsticks to handle. They are advantageous because they can be washed and repeatedly used. The chopsticks have a quality that elevates regular table settings, and are an excellent touch when welcoming guests.

Materials: Cedar wood, without paint or glue.

Quantity : 30 pairs in a cypress box

Made in Japan