Rectangular Cherry Bark Boxes

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This a a beautifully crafted cherry bark box with either  'frosted natural surface' finish intended to preserve and showcase the natural state of cherry bark or a polished one for a glossy prresence.

The frosted bark used for the exterior surface  and interior surface is polished bark. The lid is of full height enveloping almost the entire interior compartment.

Ideal as a storage box for various things. 

Size: W 14 x L 20 x H 7 cm 

Kabazaiku or Cherry-bark craftwork is approximately a 220 years old tradition in Akita Prefecture, Japan. Cherry bark breathes and handles moisture well. Its tough and durable surface makes Kabazaiku craft wares suitable for everyday use.

Made in Kakunodate, Japan by Fujiki Denshiro.

The handcrafted quality and use of natural wood materials results in unique differences in wood grain and surface tones.

Avoid prolong exposure to both moisture/damp and excessive dry heat.