Koyori Lacquered Washi Paper Collection by Studio Gala

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One ancient Japanese craft consists of placing paper over wood forms and moisten it with lacquer to create sturdy containers. Studio Gala  improvised on this old craft by using tightly rolled paper strings known as 'koyori', instead of single sheets of paper.  The resulting form is is stronger and more elegant than the single sheet type. Hardened by coats of lacquer, the sheets are then cut and folded to become boxes, trays and other vessels inspired by origami. Incredibly, each of these pieces is made of one string wound into a sheet or piece of paper.


Studio Gala's  Koyori series combines three traditional crafts - koyori, origami and urushi (lacquer) in avant-garde shapes, bringing quality and elegance to every piece.


Koyori series:

Sizes & shapes:

Tray: : L40 x W31 x2.5cm

GK2 Box with Lid:  L19 x W23 xh10 cm

GK14 Basket Medium Φ 23.5 x h10.5 

GK16 Yotsume Square Dish: 40 x 40 x 6 cm

GK21 Tall Koyori Box with Lid: 19 x 24 x 28

Materials:  Urushi (natural lacquer) & rolled washi paper.


Studio Gala is the brand set up by Ryoichi Kobayashi in 1982. With reference to the materials and techniques of traditional Japanese crafts, Studio Gala seeks to create high quality hand crafted items to go with contemporary everyday living in Japan.