• Hinoki Masu Mug by Ohashi
  • Hinoki Masu Mug by Ohashi

Hinoki Masu Mug by Ohashi


The traditional Masu making techniques have been applied to desin and make this wonderful wooden mug.

While it is not well known, wood is an excellent vessel for beer because it creates smooth bubbles and keeps the contents cool for a much longer time compared to the conventional glass mug. 

The Masu Mug is easy to wash as it is protected by a food safe urethane coating.

Savor the wooden texture and natural warmth while enjoying a nice cold beverage.


Product Specifications

size: D 110mm ×W 110mm × H 135mm

Hinoki Cypress Wood


Masu boxes are made in accordance with traditional measurements that are still used to measure Sake today. The volume of the standard 1 Gou Ichigou Masu (85mm×85mm×56mm) is at approximately 180ml


The Masu box has been in use for over 1300 years. The traditional sizes of the Masu box were regulated some 500 years ago and have not changed since.


Originally a measuring cup for foods such as rice and soy sauce, the Masu was used to measure rice when it was still used as a form of currency. For the Japanese people, the Masu was as valuable and important as the rice it contained, and this tradition remains crucial to the lives of the Japanese to this very day.

More recently, the Masu has become widely acknowledged as a vessel for serving Sake, as well as a symbol of good luck. The term “Masu” translates to “growth” in Japanese, and is thus an icon of prosperity and great happiness.

The Masu box is an extremely versatile instrument. Besides from being a token of good luck, it has traditionally been used as a measuring cup and a sake vessel. Masu is also an ideal item for keeping accessories, holding a memo pad, or as a gift of celebration. Your imagination is the limit when it comes to inventing creative ways to use the Masu box.

Maker Ryoki Ohashi

For over 60 years Ryoki Ohashi has been the leading manufacturer of traditional hand-crafted “Masu” boxes in Ogaki, Japan. Over 80% of all Masu boxes produced are made in Ogaki city, also a major manufacturing center of Hinoki lumber. Made from excess lumber that comes out of thinning, the Masu boxes are entirely environmentally friendly.

Wake up every day to the hint of fresh evergreens in the air. Enjoy the crisp scent and smooth, soft touch of wood. Made entirely from the treasured Japanese Cypress, our environmentally friendly products give you more than just the gift of design.