Chene Doux Mug by Oak Village

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Chene Doux or Sweet Oak in English is beautifully turned mug. Althought light inweight and balanced in proportion,  it is robust and will not break easily. This mug is made with a gentle, adorable shape that spreads like a ripple on the smooth bark. As it was turned out from a block of wood, it is strong and light, and it is safe for small children or seniors. It is for everyday use and made using natural Japanese horse chestnut wood and finished with lacquer, a superb natural coating.

This mug features a soft feel against the mouth and a round form that fits nicely into the hand. Also, the outside of it does not get overly hot and it has wonderful heat retention. With cold beverage, condensation will be minimal. Made using Japanese horse-chestnut with wood grain that spreads outward like ripples.


Item Description

Materials: Natural Japanese wood (Mug: Japanese horse-chestnut & ​ Handle: maple.

Size: Diameter 90 x Height 75mm

Volume: approx. 200 mL when 80% full

Weight approx. 95

Made in Japan

Brand Name: Oak Village

Care Instructions:

・As this is made with natural wood,​ the colour and grain differs from item to item.

・Do not use in a microwave or dishwasher.

・It is recommended that you wash using a soft cotton cloth and warm water.

・Clean immediately without soaking in water for a prolong time.

・After washing,​ leave to dry out naturally.

・Metal knives and forks,​ hard sponges and cleansers may damage the surface,​ so please avoid contact.


Established in 1974, OAK VILLAGE is a woodcrafts company with an aim to build a sustainable society in which humans and the surrounding environment not only co-exist, but also evolve symbiotically. Our studio is in the woods of Takayama, Japan, where the woodcraft heritage has existed for over 1,300 years.

By applying traditional Japanese woodcraft techniques, we strive to create products that last as long as possible. We minimize the usage of non-recyclable and non-biodegradable materials in our products so that when they are no longer usable in their original form, they may be recycled or returned to the earth.

In an effort to ensure the health and diversity of forests, we established an NPO called Acorn Club (Donguri no Kai) in 1981, which plants and maintains broad-leaved forests with the help of volunteers. Members of the organization nurture over 30,000 saplings every year, plant them in various places in Japan, and look after the forests.