Kotorin Birds Orin Bell by Kyujo

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"Orin" is a traditional Buddhist instrument that is sounded when reading sutras, also referred to as "singing bowl". Commonly, it has been believed from ancient times in Japan that the gentle sound of "Orin" purifies places by exorcising evil spirits and bad vibes. Therefore "Orin" became an essential household instrument.

Kyujo in Takaoka City, a long-established manufacturer for religious objects has created a contemporary range of orin bells to better complement today's lifestyle.

In their products have been combines both – Buddhist culture of Japan and tremendous efforts of generations of craftsmen who developed the traditional techniques of metal works.

The Orin's timbre has “1/f fluctuation” which is said to induce the flow of alpha waves to the brain that generate a feeling of comfort. Analysis by Japan Acoustic Lab has shown that there is a healing effect in this special sound

The Kotorin series of Birds Bells produces a pleasant relaxing and healing sound. A message card can be inserted in its beak. A sound start your morning with the beautiful chirping of this little bird and have a relaxing, lovely day. You will want to hear it again and again.

Chirp chirp, jingle, jingle the beautiful sounds you hear have you thinking there's a little birdie right beside you. This bird can even hold a letter or memo in its beak to give someone a message. The bells chime out Japan's distinct seasons: springtime's murmuring springs; summer's ocean side sounds; fall's insects chirping in the bushes, and winter's open fire crackling.

Similar to various sounds in nature, Kotorin bell sounds vary slightly from one to another in timbre. If you listen closely you can hear bright, light sounds; small restrained sounds; gentle, soothing sounds; laughter-evoking cute, funny sounds. It is almost like a sound sommelier. There is sure to be a particular sound that will grow on you and your family and that you will get attached to. Let the Kotorin bell work its magic for you at home or at work.

[Materials ] Bell: copper alloy, pendulum: hematite (natural stone), Frame: Aluminum

●Size : 130 x 50 x 70mm

●Weight: approx. 170g

●Weight (wrapping material incl.): approx. 235g

●Made in: Toyama Prefecture Takaoka City


*Designed to emit gentle sounds, please avoid aggressive shaking.

*Do not dismantle.

*Refrain from putting pressure on the pendulum.

Body size: width 130 × depth 50 × height 70mm 

Frame Colour:  Ink Black