Mekke Socks by Kontex

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The name Mekke in Japanese slang word “mekke-mono” meaning “good find”. This range of Mekke socks are made on the same looms as Kontex’s best-in-class towels share many of the same qualities. Featuring a comfortable fit from toe to heel, they have a slight cushion that makes them perfect for long days on your feet. The Mekke sock is lined with Kontex’s plush terry and will keep your feet dry.

Materials: Cotton Pile 85%, Polyester 10%, Nylon 3%, Polyurethane 2%


Medium Size: Japan 25-27cm / Euro 40-44/ US Mens 7 -9 / US Womens 8-10.

It takes gently crafted yarn and careful weaving to make towels soft. Modern machines are ideal for speedy mass productions. However, the delicate yarn is often damaged simply because it cannot withstand the stresses of high-speed weaving. KONTEX products are woven at gentle speeds on old traditional weaving machines. This slow weaving process helps to keep intact the refined and delicate properties of the yarn, making the products as soft and silky as cashmere, yet durable enough for everyday use. Kontex fabrics are highly absorbent, lightweight, fast-drying and environmentally friendly.

Since 1934, Kontex based in Imabari, Japan has been producing its textiles with traditional looms and weaving techniques. Compared to newer technologies which are used for speedy mass production, this method is more time consuming but shows better results in absorption capacity, texture softness and fast drying. Furthermore, the yarn is less like to get damaged which is a common problem in industrial manufacturing due to the stresses of high-speed weaving. All textiles are woven strictly from cotton and linen. The fibres are washed and cleansed with the water from nearby Mt. Ishizuchi with low mineral content. For dyeing processes, natural orange oil is used.