Flaxline Organic Cotton Bath Towels by Kontex

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Flaxline bath towel combines the silky softness of organic cotton with two distinctive surface textures .One side is plush with a looped cotton terry pile while the other is a flat chevron weave with navy stripes on one end.

Flaxline towel feels softer, lighter and more drapey than other cotton towels. This terry pile weave design allows towels to dry remarkably fast and remain fresh over use. Textured in feel and soft on the skin, the long-staple cotton build allows for ample absorbency that’s tough to find with overly plush terry fabric towels. Lean, clean, and plenty functional, these towels are truly one-of-a-kind. It is designed to feel soft on the skin with a satisfying texture without sacrificing its ability to dry you off and dry itself out. It gets softer and drapes better with every wash

Dimension: 83 x 140 cm

Care: Machine-wash with cold water and mild detergent. Avoid bleach or fabric softeners. Hang or tumble dry on low.

It takes gently crafted yarn and careful weaving to make towels soft. Modern machines are ideal for speedy mass productions. However the delicate yarn is often damaged simply because it cannot withstand  the stresses of high speed weaving.

KONTEX towels are woven at gentle speeds on old traditional weaving machines. This slow weaving process helps to keep intact  the refined and delicate properties of the yarn,making the towels as soft and silky as cashmere, yet durable enough for everyday use.

Kontex towels are highly absorbent, lightweight, fast-drying and environmentally friendly. Made in Ehime, Imabari, Japan.