• Sakura Cherry Wood Egg Bowl

Sakura Cherry Wood Egg Bowl

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The Sakura series of wood vessels are hand turned fro cherry wood in  Gato Mikio studio of Yamanaka, Japan.

Tamago 'Egg' Shape Bowl 

■ φ112 × 72 mm

Ideal for matcha or as breakfast/dessert bowl.

Cherry Wood with Clear lacquer coating.

Since the center of gravity is set low to increase stability, it is safe to use a spoon etc while leaving it on the table. Besides the soup bowl, it is a versatile instrument as salad bowl, small bowl, matcha bowl, cafe au lait bowl etc. Please enjoy the texture of natural materials.

Produced in collaboration with "Akendo syosen" 1908, a woodworking house at Yamanaka Onsen in Ishikawa Prefecture.