Wazutsu Cherry Bark Canister

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Kabazaiku or Cherry-bark craftwork is approximately a 220 years old tradition in  Akita Prefecture, Japan.

Cherry bark breathes and handles moisture well. Its tough and durable surface makes Kabazaiku craft wares suitable for everyday use.

This airtight canister will protect tea leaves from humidity. If you wish, the canister can be used to store other items such as spices and coffee.

Made in Kakunodate, Japan by Fujiki Denshiro.

Winner of Japan Good Design Award 2011 & 2013. 

Material:  Cherry bark with exterior 4 or 3 panels mixed of Maple, Sakura Cherry and Walnut barks.

Avoid prolonging exposure to both moisture/damp and excessive dry heat.

Large ( 4 woods) Size : D8cm x H11.2 cm Weight: 260g