Horizon Pottery Dishes

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 The Horizon range of pottery is inspired by scarlet red flame colour, evoking the horizon line at  morning dawn or evening dusk, separating the earth and sky.

The "flame colour" (hiiro) along the border between the glaze and the clay is a natural phenomenon created during the firing process: it results from the interaction between earth, air and fire.Typically, the glaze is applied over all visible surfaces of the pottery piece, hiding the flame color on the underside of the piece. By revealing and emphasizing the glaze line along the visible surface the pottery piece, we can use this beautiful color as a motif.Using white clay and white glaze enhances the vivid beauty of the red flame color, evoking the horizon line at dawn, separating the earth and sky.

Design options:

1. Large Bowl φ22.5 × H 4.8 cm in Cloud White/Sky Green glaze

2. Large Plate  φ22.5 × H 2 cm in Cloud White/Sky Green glaze


TALK specialises in fine porcelain china that adds a modern sophistication to living spaces. The designs of Talk reflect traditional Japanese art, where for hundreds of years simplicity and subtlety have been valued. Balancing function and design from both the East and the West, the collection is inspired by the art of Japanese calligraphy and also takes elements from European art.