Kotota - a Sparrow Story Mini Cards in a Matchbox

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Kotota is the name of the sparrow character  from the ancient picture scroll fairy tale known as Kotota  Sparrow Story.

It's a story of Kotota and his wife who lost their child and became devout Buddhist monks. The classical scroll that was drawn in the Muromachi Era (16th century), depicts many beautiful bird characters from the story.

Designed for Classiky by Atsuko Yukawa who drew illustrations from this story and put together as tiny note cards.

2 pieces of the 12 individual scene cards in each set. 24 pieces altogether.


Box / 5.6 × 3.5 × Thickness 1.7 cm

Card / 5.1 × 3.1 cm

12 Types × 2 each 2 = 24 Total

Made in Japan