Wazarashi Cotton Gauze Towels by Daitou Shingu


The all-natural five layered cotton gauze towel is made using a traditional Japanese technique called wazarashi, a laborious 4 day process that removes impurities from the cotton fibers. The towel is assmbled together by layering 5 sections of gauze cotton into one fabric.

The 5 layers of airy gauze absorb moisture and let air circulate freely within the fabric, drying the towel quickly and efficiently. The result is a breathable, absorbent textile that is smooth to the touch and feels like you're wrapping yourself in your favorite bedsheet. 

The maker, Daitou Shingu founded in 1925 as a futon maker and has focused on providing the most comfortable sleep experience ever since. Every item in the collection is made by hand using traditional Japanese techniques and dyed with natural dyes and no bleaching or chemical processing. The results is super soft, all-natural towels that dry you in seconds.

Materials: 100% cotton  

Care: Machine wash with warm water. Do not bleach. Line dry in shade.

Made in Kyoto, Japan



Bath Towel - 5 layered 140 x 80cm