Celadon Censer for Incense Coil


This is a quiet beauty. A celadon censer or incense burner that is easy to use to enjoy incense coils.

Size φ 7.5 x H 5 cm

Presented in a gift paper box.

Material:  Ceramic ware

Yamadamatsu was established about 200 years ago in Kyoto, near the Imperial Palace as a herbal pharmacy and during the Edo period, they moved into processing or sorting out to the incense wood and the incense materials, before moving on to making original incenses.

What distinguishes Yamadamatsu from other fragrance brands is that since it started with a specialty store of herbs and incense, they have a deep understanding of the ingredients of the incense, and the quantity and variety of incense possessed are unique. The education and research activities on incense are ongoing.