Kiri Paulownia Long Flat Platter Board

KIRI is an elegant collection of burnt paulownia wood platters/boards set with tin and lacquer. These platters are suitable for use with food items such as sweets, hors d'oeuvres etc.

Burning paulownia wood for furniture or storage items is traditional technique of strengthening the soft wood whilst creating an attractive texture and sheen. It is a time-consuming baking process using a burner, followed by manual effort in removing the soot and finishing off with a powder undercoating and wax polish. Through this process, it is possible to improve the durability of the item and enhance textural beauty of the wood grain. 

At the final stage of production, the wooden board is burnt and then finished with a  food  grade urethane coating. Tin powder is mixed with lacquer(urushi) to draw the impressive central line.  The tin and lacquer will develop patina over time and use.

Products made with processed paulownia is known for their ability of sustaining rapid change of weather: a virtue especially crucial for Japan.

Kiri 012 LONG Flat Platter/Board

Materials: Paulownia Wood, Tin and Lacquer
Dimensions: 60 x 10.5 x H 1.5cm.

Studio Gala is the brand set up by Ryoichi Kobayashi in 1982. With reference to the materials and techniques of traditional Japanese crafts, Studio Gala seeks to create high quality hand crafted items to go with contemporary everyday living in Japan.