• Gato Mikio Karmi Canisters - Buo

Gato Mikio Karmi Canisters - Buo

The Karmi series of tea canister is inspired by aspects of the Haiku, Japanese seventeen-syllable poem, as practised by Basho Matsuo, famous master of Haiku. Karmi is the philosophy of Haiku, meaning to capture the flow smoothly. The canister is well designed and versatile in many storage uses as it is airtight and naturally lacquered.

Designed by Ajima Satoru & Honda Tomoko.

 ■ Good Design Award 2010

■ Messe Frankfurt Design Plus Award

■ German desigh Award 2012 SILVER

Sizes:  TALL : Approx  φ 7 × H 21 cm, capacity 100g of loose leaf tea.  

Materials: Cherry Birch/Betula Grossa with Lacquer Coating

All Gato Mikio products are hand made from domestically-sourced wood and coated in a durable lacquer to showcase the natural wood grain. Established in 1908 and based in Yamanaka, Japan, Gato Mikio creates high quality lacquerware using advanced Japanese woodturning techniques.