FD Style - Bottle/Can Opener with pull-tab

Four simple lines and a notch, this bottle opener is built for the contemporary bar.

The FD kitchen gadgets series has unique black matt finish with polymer coated stainless steel.

Designer Hagino Mitsunobu had home cooks in mind when he designed the range of stainless steel tools that do not get rusted, are easy to care for after use, and have soft and ergonomic comfortable feel.

These rustproof gadgets are coated with fluorocarbon polymer which gives the mesmerising matte black finish. 

2009 Good Design Award


Bottle Opener with pull-tab

Size: W29 × H149 × D19mm; 60g

Material:  Stainless Steel with black matte fluorocarbon polymer.

Made by Prince Industry Co., Ltd. in Niigata.