• Border 'Tall' Canister
  • Border 'Tall' Canister
  • Border 'Tall' Canister

Border 'Tall' Canister

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studio mute believes in excellence when designing ordinary items used in daily life.

When approached by Unomatudo, a well establised traditional lacquerware artisan business since 1930,to come up with a contemporary range for every day use, studio mute distilled the traditional concept of  lacquerware and did away with the layering of lacquer (Urushi).

Once the items were expertly carved using the 'rokuro' electric turning wheel, a coat of food grade urethane is applied to protect and showcase beauty of the wood grain.

Border is a series of  daily use items which expresses the natural beauty of the wood in which they are made.

Materials:  sen (castor aralia) with food grade urethane coating

Designed by studio mute and made by Unomatudo.

Dimension: 8.5 x 8.5 x h 14 cm

Colour combination:
grey, mint & cream