Yonabe Cast Iron Pot by Kamasada Ironworks

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Nobuho Miya is a master forger of traditional 'nambu tetsu' or Southern cast ironware, and he works from his Kamasada Ironworks studio, founded by his family in Iwate prefecture, Japan.

His works have been exhibited worldwide, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

Each item is handcrafted using original Nambu tetsu techniques and it reflects skills and practices accrued over time and across generations. To become a competent iron caster takes at least 15 years and 40 years to attain mastery of the craft.

The work of Nobuho Miya is distinctive as it reflects both his mastery of the 'nambu tetsu' technique as well as a sophisticated designer with a keen eye for clean, simple and contemporary cast ironwares.

As each item in handcrafted , production is time consuming and limited.

Yonabe, which translates to 'western style pot' is a general use pot that will complement all sources of heat. It is great for stewing, braising and excellent for use in the oven( with wooden handle removed).

Size: W 25 x D 27 x H 12cm

Weight: 3.3kg