Round Bar Gyuto Chef's Knife by Shizu Hamono

Yoshita Handi-Design Studio’s Stainless Round-bar Series is a collection of kitchen utensils and tableware made in collaboration with Shizu Hamono.

It takes advantage the uniqueness of a stainless steel material which is both durable and soft to the touch as it has an oval, edgeless cross-section.

The first product in the series was a bottle opener produced at Tsubame, Niigata prefecture; an area known for it's traditions and skills in metalwork.

Currently, kitchen knives are made by Shizu Hamono based in Seki, Gifu Prefecture, which is a city with profound history of knife and blade manufacturing.

The Stainless Round-bar Series came into being from an encounter of a material with industrially appealing properties and skilled manufacturing areas with historical and traditional resources. Each product is created with basic metalwork techniques such as bending, cutting, welding and polishing. While some of the work is done by machines, other processes require each product to be handcrafted one by one, which gives this series attractive features different to those of traditional craft and industrial products.


Chef's  knife  210mm

Full length 334mm

Blade length 210mm

Blade material 3 Layers of AUS8 & SUS410 

Handle material SUS 304