Okubo Japanese Gardening Shears

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This is special pair of Japanese gardening scissors or Okubo Hasami, generally used by Japanese professional niwaki gardeners .

Handcrafted from white steel, one of the best quality steel. White steel is often used to a hatchet and Japanese Deba knife.

Nothing can replace this classic Japanese designed tool. This scissors in of very high quality as it is hand-forged from single block of steel.

The light weight, design and ergonomics make them extremely comfortable to use and give them incomparable cutting efficiency.

Their handles offer optimum ease and safety in use, both when wearing gloves and with your bare hands.

Their blades make them an ideal tool for the cares to all garden plants, and the pruning maintenance of shrubs and  trimming new buds.

It can also be easily used for flower arrangements.

Length              :   205mm

Blade of length    :    70mm

Weight                 :   255g

Handcrafted by Kaneshin, 4th generation cutlery and tools maker established in 1919.