Mizusu Deba Knife by Banshu Hamono

Mizusu Deba Knife

This Deba knife measures approximately 165 mm on the blade and is used by sushi chefs like a western style cleaver. They tend to cut fish heads and tails, poultry bones  and other chopping tasks where a thick, large blade is required.

 Length: 315 mm (blade length = 165mm)

Knife Type: Deba Knife

Blade Length: 169mm

Blade Type: Single-edged Blade

Steel Type: Premium Blue Steel (Ao-Hagane)

Handle Material: Big-leaf magnolia octagonal wood handle and buffalo horn collar

Weight: 250g



BANSHU HAMONO is a collective brand from South-West HyōgoPrefecture in Japan, which has a 250+ year blacksmith history dating back to the first katana factory in 1744. The blacksmith traditions have continued across generations and today a diverse range of small businesses, each with each its own skilled craftsmen, still produce cutlery and tools for the home, studio and garden using the same age-old techniques.