Japanese Mekiri Bud Trimming Shears

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The double- edged trimmimg shears is a must-have in any serious gardener's repertoire of tools. Lightweight and relatively thin the scissors make clean cuts without leaving any unsightly fibers behind. The edges are thinly tapered for bud trimmimg and other meticuluously detailed work on trees which works most suitably for cutting small branches from bonsai and fruit trees.

A multi-purpose type of scissors used for picking and trimming somewhat thick branches.

Each piece is hand forged and sharpened using traditional methods. As such, each tool has its own variations and irregularity.

Their incredibly light weight, design and ergonomics make them extremely comfortable to use and give them incomparable cutting efficiency.

Its handles facilitates ease and safety in use, both when wearing gloves and with your bare hands.

Its large cutting diameter gives a clean smooth cut.

Length 185mm

Weight 306g

Code: No.95A

Handcrafted by Kaneshin, 4th generation cutlery and tools maker established in 1919.