Cast Iron Boxes by Simplicity

Rectangular Cast Iron Boxes designed and casted with simple with lattice grid patterns 

Size : W 6cm × L 11cm ×H 3cm

Weight : 0.5kg

Handcrafted by Suzuki Morihisa Studio in Morioka, Iwate - centre of  Nambu Tekki ironworks in Japan  in collaboration with Shinichiro Ogata, the founder of Simplicity.

Suzuki Morihisa Studio is a well-established studio that was founded in 1625, and served as casting studio for generations. 

Using a technique of "casting" that melts steel in a mold of sand as the technique of "casting", it has its own texture produced by applying lacquer and iron plating.

Simplicity endeavours to create lifestyle products for contemporary living using the best traditional craft techniques of Japan.