Brass Cone Incense Stand by OBJT

Brass Cone Incense Stand by OBJT

 Dimension: Ø 15 x H 2.5 cm

Material: Solid Brass Cone and Solid beech or Solid Walnut Components

This product does not include incense.

This product is compatible with incense, which made with hard wooden wicks. Incense sticks made without wooden wick of less than 2mm diameter are compatible. 

Please note that incense is not included in this product.

OBJT is a product design brand launched in Seoul in 2017 by Korean designer Lee geon-min. Focusing on the pure aspects of material and formwork, Lee has set the core theme of the brand to create functional objects. 

Due to the nature of materials, aging occurs over time as oxidation by air and moisture.

To restore the initial glow, you can wipe the metal abrasive with a cloth to restore the original shine. * The surface of wood may turn white due to moisture. If this is normal and you want to regain gloss again please wipe the wax with a dry cloth.

Most of the production process is done by hand and natural appearance by handmade (small hairline) may appear