Kanade Windchime by Kyujo

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A Kyujo Orin wind chime with a sound that suits the definition of a pleasant sound called "1/f fluctuation". Its clear, gentle sound is particularly soothing on a hot day. This wind chime will make you sense a cool breeze.

The paper strip is made of 'warlon' paper that repels water. At first glance, it looks plain white. However, when held up to the light, a watermark pattern reminiscent of the sound it generates appears. 

This wind bell is produced by Kyujo, a maker of temple bells and singing bowls. It has a gentle and very long-lasting sound. The bell component is made of a special alloy mainly consisting of copper.


Bell: Copper alloy with  Gold Glow finish

Washi paper wind catch with watermark.

●Bell size: Φ 49 × height 34 mm 

Paper strip size: 40 × 200 mm

●Made in: Toyama Prefecture Takaoka City

Kyujo Co. Ltd is a long-established Japanese manufacturer for temple bells and religious accessories since 1907. In their contemporary products, there are fine examples of a combination of both the Buddhist culture of Japan and the tremendous efforts of generations of craftsmen who developed the traditional techniques of metal works.

The sounds of their bells can be heard all over Japan, at schools, trains, station melodies, and in music productions. The tunes are also played inside the Shinkansen trains and train stations.