Mino Washi Greeting Cards with Nature Washi Decals

Mino Washi Greeting Cards with Washi Decals

Kaminoshigoto works with a handful of top Mino Tesuki Washi artisans to create handmade Mino washi paper products. Mino washi paper is very thin, smooth, and translucent, requiring great skill and care to make. As of January 2018, only five highly skilled members of the Mino Washi Paper Preservation Association are currently able to make this special paper. This specialized skill was declared an important cultural asset of Japan in 1969 and was registered in UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage technique in 2014.

Greeting Card with Nature Washi Decals

Long fibers are a characteristic of washi paper and are made full use of in these nature inspired greeting cards. Leaves and feathers are crafted with such detail to resemble the soft flow of hair in each feather and the winding veins of each leaf. Each animal design has complex patterns of scales and feathers, showing the attention of detail incorporated into each piece.

The washi paper is strong and flexible and can be applied to smooth glass surfaces, such as candle holders or windows. To apply, simply spray the surface with a little water and press the decal on. These decals can be peeled off once dry and stored for reuse.


Since its formation Kaminoshigoto has engaged in the production and sales of traditional Japanese lantern Washi. They also enjoy a large share as a distributor of Washi related products and a variety of Mino Washi. They have also expanded their business into Washi printing using new painting technologies such as silkscreen and inkjet printing. Whilst continuing with traditional craftsmanship, they are also developing their own products and new technologies.