Sunsara Dishes by Studio Gala

The Sunsara dishes are handcrafted from Shigaraki clay. Shigaraki ware are high-fired unglazed ware famous for its ash deposits and distinctive forms. 

The bowl has a delicate upturned curve and rustic texture that are typical expressions of Shigaraki ware.

As with all handmade pottery, there is some individual differences in size, shape, the colour. Please appreciate it as character of the vessel.

Materials: Shigaraki clay with either white, yellow or green (oribe) glaze
Dimension: Φ18 x H 2.6 cm

Studio Gala is the brand set up by Ryoichi Kobayashi in 1982. With reference to the materials and techniques of traditional Japanese crafts, Studio Gala seeks to create high quality hand crafted items to go with contemporary everyday living in Japan.