Sitaku Stackable Ceramic Kitchen Tools

Clean simple lines and modularity are the concepts for the Sitaku series of porcelain kitchenware designed by Makoto Koizumi and made by KIHARA of Arita in Japan.

Sitaku is a neat expression of 'kitchen to table' utility; from meal preparation out of the kitchen and onto the dining table. It is very versatile in use and durable. 

Sitaku “vessels” also serve as kitchen tools for food preparation process such as milling, squeezing and grating, They are stackable, and can therefore be easily carried from kitchen to the dining table. After your meal, these can be used as storage containers.

Microwave and dishwasher safe.

Material:  Porcelain with white glaze.

Sold as a set of six components.

Product, Name, Size.
Lid φ100 × H12 mm

Ladle stand φ100 × H38 mm

Grater φ100 × H28 mm

Lemon Squeezer φ100 × H57 mm

Mortar bowl φ 100 × H35 mm

Pestle (maple wood) φ30 × H101 mm


Origin: Arita, Japan made by Kihara