Flower Petals Porcelain Plates and Bowls

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This range is made from porcelain. However, the design is intended to convey the feel and the texture of earthenware as well as the warm impression and appearance of a handmade plate. This is a traditional Japanese design used in tableware that references flower petals. 

Dishwasher safe.

Not for oven.

Options and dimensions

  • 14 plate
  • 21 plate 21.5 x 3.5cm
  • 24cm plate
  • 16cm bowl
  • 21 bowl 21.5 x 6cm

Made in Mino, Japan.

About Kaneko Kohyo

Since its formation almost 100 years ago, Kaneko Kohyo Pottery has been dedicated to “Monozukuri’ (meaning 'ways and means of making things') of items that add a little happiness to daily life, whilst remaining loyal to the history and tradition of Mino Ware (Japanese pottery produced in Mino Province around the towns of Toki, Tajimi and Mizunami in Gifu Prefecture). With a foundation of making Shinto and Buddhist alter pieces, and then sake bottles, they embarked on the production of handmade tableware in 1995.  Simple and warm, meant for everyday use, their collection brings originality, beauty, and functionality to enrich your dining and entertaining experiences.They hope that more people will use the handy and enriching Kohyo tableware.