Kairagi Large Bowl

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Kairagi Pottery

Kairagi refers to 'crawling of the glaze' - a glaze technique that is accomplished via a technique often seen in Hagi and Karatsu wares. It uses an ash glaze that produces a granulated pattern on the surface of the ceramic vessel; with results ranging from smooth to rough and crackled in appearance.

Kairagi is one of the pottery techniques which tea masters and learned cha-jin (tea connoisseurs) used to love. The glaze was shrunk and solidified under various firing conditions.

The earthy texture with randomized glaze effects are the signature look of wabi-sabi-suki  with emphasis on finding beauty in simplicity, humility, and intense appreciation of the immediate experience.

These tall bowls are not only ideal as individual bowls for noodles and rice dishes but also as serving bowls for a variety of dishes.


Dimension: DIA. 20 x H9 cm

Made in Tajimi, Gifu,  Japan.


Usage and Care

For Lime Ash light-coloured glaze, stain patterns may appear on the cracked glazed surace due to strong tannin etc. It is one of the personal preference, but it is  preventable to a certain extent by soaking the vessel in water or lukewarm starchy water before use.

Alternatively prior first time, use please follow this care instruction in order to protect the ceramic from stain or earthy smell.

Place the vessels with the starchy rice wash water* (white cloudy water left after rinsing rice or pasta boiling water) in a pot.

Boil it under simmering heat for about 10- 15 minutes and remove from heat. Leave it immersed for 20 minutes before rinsing off. A starchy protective film will be formed on the surface fine cracks, minimising stain development over use.

*You can also use any starchy solution instead of rice water. 

Handwash recommended.

This product is not microwave-safe. Do not set the product on any other direct heat.

Hand wash only. Make sure to dry completely before storing. This product is not dishwasher safe.

Avoid any sharp temperature change on the product, as it could cause cracking.

Do not freeze the product, as it might crack.

* Due to handcrafted nature of this product, there may be some variations or imperfections on each item such as unevenness of colour/tones, blur, etc. These add character and uniqueness to each piece.