Jubako Stack of 2 Porcelain boxes with lid

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Jubako Stack of 2 Porcelain boxes  with lid.

Japanese Ju-Bako boxes are stackable, tiered food containers which are usually modeled in either square or cylindrical form. Jubako containers, on average consist of three to five layers and represent happiness.

The porcelain boxes are similar to a bento box and are used during special celebrations.

Boxes are sold in a stack of two plus a lid cover.

4 different graphic patterns available:

  1. Blue Circles Cloisonne
  2. Blue stripes on white.
  3. Vermillion Kawahishi - sparse vermillion abstracts arrangement on white

Each box: W13 × D13 × H 5.3 cm

Full stack: W13 × D13 × H 11 cm

Material: Porcelain 

Handmade in Hasami in Nagasaki Prefecture.