• Azmaya Inban Soba Choko 'Cups'
  • Azmaya Inban Soba Choko 'Cups'

Azmaya Inban Soba Choko 'Cups'


Contemporary soba 'choko' in indigo blue dye and white colour combinations.

Not just beautifully proportioned, these soba 'choko' are very versatile and can be easily used as drinking vessels, ice cream cups,  and many other creative uses.

Each pieces expresses subtle variations and different characteristics due to handwork in both the painting and dyeing stages of production.

Dishwasher and Microwave oven safe.

Material: Porcelain

Dimensions: Approx φ76xH56mm 140ml

Weight: Around 105g


1 design available.

1. Rinsen - Wheel line in bold blue